Sunday, December 6, 2015

We wrapped up our project at the Manseau home in Gilbert. We find ourselves working for some of best clients on the planet. Greeted with coffee and a warm welcome every day. This couple was one of the best we have ever worked for. This marble faux was done without the 5 color sea sponge paint base we normally do. When you have the pimple knock down texture, as in this home, you can't get the real marble look. But we can achieve an elegant old world look and at a lower price. If you don't have smooth walls this is the way to go. When the new granite is put in this Kitchen will pop. The glare of a large kitchen window on wet glaze made it hard to get good pictures but here is a few for us to show off. Back up to Gilbert this week. Kerri is going to do some great Metallic faux in a custom home.

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