Saturday, January 9, 2016

Busy week for us. Here are the pictures from the Radetich Scosttdale home.
 Had to call in the help of Mark Hall (Cubby).
 It took two layers of scaffolding to get up to this large entry ceiling.
 Kerri did a multi-layered copper metallic faux.
 Then we came down the entry way walls with a water mark type faux. 
Kerri finished off by adding some accent veins.
 This was a surprise Christmas present for the homeowner's wife.
 She was thrilled when she saw it and according to the text we got, she didn't want the grandfather clock put back in the entry way.
 She didn't want her beautiful faux covered up by anything. 
Kerri has worked in this home before.
 I included some pictures of the fireplace and kitchen island.
 We will be working in this home again soon.

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